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Chinese Nokia 220 Repair Solution

In the picture below, you will find all connection solution for Chinese Nokia 220. We have provided the MIC connection solution, the Speaker connection solution, the USB port connection solution, the screen light connection solution, the keypad connection solution, the keypad light connection solution and the SIM sit connection solution.

Chinese Nokia 220 Repair Solution

Chinese Nokia 220 Mouthpiece Repair Solution

The two small components to connect the two mouthpiece terminals to are at the back of the PCB and are small. Skill is required to make this jumper connection. The picture above is edited to make the points of jumper connections more clearer.

Chinese Nokia 220 Keypad Repair Solution

The keypad connection for Chinese Nokia 220 is really easy to connect. Making a jumper connection between keys will be more easier with the help of the picture above. The information in the picture are correct and reliable.

Chinese Nokia 220 Speaker Repair Solution

The speaker connection way for Chinese Nokia 220 is traced to two small leds on the PCB close to the speaker. Please see the picture for more information on this.

Chinese Nokia 220 USB Port Repair Solution

The DM and DP are noted on the main PCB close to the USB port location, but the VbUS is not. The VBUS is located at the bottom of the PCB as indicated in the image above.

Chinese Nokia 220 SIM Sit Repair Solution

The alternative connection for the SIM sit is indicated in the picture above. Make this connection to fix your SIM issues.


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