All China Phones White Screen Display solutions

All China Phones White Screen Display solutions

Let’s go straight to the point. Fixing white screen may not be as easy as you think. In most cases, the screen is completely damaged and only the light is working. In this case, the screen should be replaced. In the rare case that the screen is still working, then the problem may lie withing wrong soldering of the LCD terminals. This mostly happen if the screen is recently changes or worked on. At any rate, let us consider All China Phones White Screen Display solutions

White Screen Display solutions

China Phones White Screen Display solutions

Above is the screen terminals of the Tecno MOS phone model T630. Observe carefully and find the Light bulb ways. Every other terminals other than the light terminals are responsible for the screen graphic display. If anyone has lost contact to the PCB (mother board or panel), the phone may not display anything. Only white screen will be displayed. To solves this problem, re-solder the screen terminals and ensure that all the terminals are well connected to the PCB.

Another possible reason why a phone may display white screen is that the screen terminals are bridged (the screen terminals are touching each other). Under this condition, the screen will not display any information except the light from the bulb. The solution to this is simply unbridging the terminals.

One more awkward reason responsible for white screen display is water. If water enters into the screen, it can prevent it from displaying properly. Fortunately, a skillful technician can open the interior part of the screen, clean off the water and restore it back to normal or almost normal.

In android phones, the problem could be as a result of flashing the phone with the wrong ROM. If this is related to your problem, you can check this article that provides solutions to white screen display in android phones. If any of the above those not work for your phone and white display still continues, then consider replacing your screen.

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