Best Andriod Phones In 2017

Best Andriod Phones In 2017

Best Andriod Phones In 2017

The good thing about this 21 century is that almost everyone can use a good smart device. Not just that, we can actually choose the best android phones out of the numerous models that are now available. Most people don’t even care about the quality of phones they use. What matters to them is that they have a phone for making calls and sending messages. For someone like me, it is the best or nothing. Here ais a review of some of  some of the android phones available to deviceteck and have listed the excellent ones below. Best Android Phones In 2017

Infinix Zero 3

For those who need high quality devices, the Infinix Zero 3 is a good option for at least the 5 reasons listed above. Consider the battery capacity. Although not as high a  those with 5000mAh, it is fairly strong and can ensure that its users enjoys quality games and browse the internet much longer. The 4G browsing capacity and the pretty design of this devices along withall its other features makes it part of our recommendation.

Infinix Note 2

The Infinix Note 2 has 5 different colors you can choose from. This Is what makes it different from most other devices that comes with a maximum of 3 colors. The camera too is killing. 13MP will ensure that all you pictures are extra clear. The screen resolution of this device is high – bright and clear. With its 64-bit Octa-core1.3 GHz Cortex-A53 processor, applications and games are surely opens fast.

Tecno Camon C9

The Tecno C9 is among tecno leading android phones that is powerfully designed. The graphic display and the sensors, that camera and the battery capacity, the sound quality and the design of this device will make it dominate for a little longer. Those with taste for quality device can find that the Tecno camon C9 is great for almost anything. Unlike other previous versions of Tecno, the C9 can update to higher versions.

Tecno L8

One reason why Tecno phones are ahead of most other devices is that they keep improving their devices. One of such improvements can be seen in the Tecno L8. The default battery saver app that comes with the phone is excellent. Most other Tecno models have this power saving app, but what happens when the app is saving a battery of 5000mAh capacity? Ecellent graphics, sound, processor and sounds just to name a few – Best Andriod Phones In 2017

Tecno W4

Among the devices released recently by Tecno. The most captivating thing about this amazing device is it near perfect design. So professional that even in recession, many Nigerians still afford it. Like the C9, and the L8, the W4 has great graphic display, processor and sufficient internal storage space.

If you are looking for the best Best Andriod Phones In 2017, then you have to consider those five listed above. One reason why you need a smart phone is that it keep you smart and make whatever toy do easier. Another reason is that it makes things better, consider for example, the Camera, the sound quality, the earpiece quality when making calls and the quality of the screen display when playing games just to name a few.

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