Infinix Note 4 Problems And Solutions

Infinix Note 4 Problems And Solutions

Are you a user of this device? Then you probably encountered one or more of the problems or issues associated with this phone. Very often, the user is left frustrated and angry. For this reason, I have written something to help you have any problem with your infinix note 4 – Infinix Note 4 Problems And Solutions.

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Infinix Note 4 Problems And Solutions.

First, it is quite proper to list the Infinix Note 4 Problems, And then we can go right to the solutions.

  1. Infinix Note 4 Charging Problem
  2. My Infinix Note 4 Is Slow
  3. Infinix Note 4 Battery Drains Fast
  4. My Infinix Note 4 Won’t Power On
  5. Infinix Note 4 Bluetooth, Wifi and Data  Network problems.


Infinix Note 4 Charging Problem

Truth is most other devices sometimes have charging problems. The main cause of this issue is charging of your phone too frequent. As you know, charging of phone often means that you will have to insert and unplug the charger from the phone. This makes the charging port in the phone damage quickly. T resolve the Infinix Note 4 Charging Problem, follow these steps.

  1. Change the charger if you have not already done so. Sometimes, the USB cable may be unfit to charge the phone. Changing both the charger and the USB cable may be all that you need.
  2. Clean any possible dust and dirt from the charging port. Use a brush for this, maybe a tooth brush. Dust and dirt’s may cause lose of contact between the charger and the phone when connected.
  3. Allow the phone to charger for a long time. Don’t just conclude that the charging port is bad. It could be that the battery is undercharged and needs few minutes to boost up.
  4. Check the battery. Batteries sometimes are responsible for charging problems. If the battery has been showing signs of weakness previously, it could be that it is now dead and needs replacement.


My Infinix Note 4 Is Slow

It used to be a s fast as the speed of light. Now your Not 4 hardly opens an app on time. What happened?

Often, slow response of a device is the result of low memory. When your phone memory, especially the RAM, is almost out of space, the processor, being choked, finds of hard to perform task such as opening apps. The solution is really easy.

  1. Simply uninstall high end games and apps.
  2. Also delete some media files from the device to free up some space.
  3. Stop multitasking your device and remove all background running apps (presses)
  4. Learn to restart your phone more often.


Infinix Note 4 Battery Drains Fast


Download Whatsapp For Itel Phone Free

Download Whatsapp For Itel Phone Free

So you have an Itel phone and now you need to download whatsapp for you phone so you can chat as everyone does. You have come to the right place where you can Download Whatsapp For Itel Phone Free

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The version of whatsapp in this page is the latest version and works for all Itel phones. Also, we keep updating this version whenever there are new releases.

Download Whatsapp For Itel Phone – Google Drive

Download Whatsapp For Itel Phone – Alternate Source

If the links above does not take you to the download page on google drive, then try this link here

How To Download Whatsapp For Itel Android

With the links provided above, you will be taken to whatsapp apk file on google drive.

  1. Click on the file
  2. On the next page click on download
  3. Wait until the file completes downloading and then install.

Itel Phones Supported

Whatsapp works for all Itel android phones, but here are some of the models we are so sure of.

Itel 5020

Itel it6800

Itel 6910

Itel 1353

Itel s32

Itel S12

What Is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a free online chat platform and one of the world’s most convenient communication medium. It is free to use, consumes less data, support variety of devices and has lots of functions, including video chatting.

Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Itel hones are great devices these days. Itel S12, S32 and S33, just to name a few, are some of their recent designs that really demonstrate the full capacity of Itel,s strength. However, like every other device out there, Itel phones are not free of problems. So in this post we consider some Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them.

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Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

Problems Of Itel Phones And Solutions – How To Fix Them

There are few difference between Itel phones and other major competing phones like Tecno and Infinix phones. One of the differences is the casing or body build. With itel phones, the body build is one major problem. Let us have a list.


List Of Itel Phone Problems

  1. Casing
  2. Graphics Display
  3. Audio Sound
  4. Charging
  5. Camera Quality

1. Problems With Itel Phones Casing

Most of their casing is built with brittle plastic material. This makes it easy to brake when it accidentally drops. Since Itel mobile do not provide additional casing and  replacement are not sold in the market, it becomes difficult for many Itel phone users.

Itel phone casing issue is just a challenge and not a technical problem that needs fixing. The best solution is protecting your phone from falling accidentally – Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

2. Itel Phones Poor Graphic Display Problem

Not until recently, Itel phones have had hard times with your screen graphics. Poor image and video quality has led itel phone, especially the android phones, for so long. Is there a solution to this?

The answer is no. If you already purchase an Itel phone with poor graphic, you may have to continue with it just the way you got it. The reason is because no one wants to temper with the chipset that controls the graphic display of your phone.

3. Low Audio Sound Problem

The later models of Itel mobile phones are doing exceedingly well when it comes to sound effects. However, the older versions are so poor. If you already have one of the older versions with you and not pleased with the sound, here is what you can do.

Download special audio and video player apps from Google play store and set their sound effects accordingly. This cannot be compared with other models with better sound quality but, is is quite better.


4. Itel Phones Charging Problems

Like every other phones, Itel phones sometimes have challenges with their charging system. Very often, it is the problem of the charger itself or the USB cable used for the charging. Whatever the cause, the phone may either charge faster than usual, slow than usual or not charge at all.

Wen the phone charges faster than usual, it is often the fault of the battery. It simply should be replaced. That settles it.

When the phone charges slower than it should, the charger and USB cable should be replaced. Lack of proper contact between the charger and the phone’s charging port is responsible for this.

If the phone does not charge at all, then consider replacing charging port of the phone only after changing few chargers to ensure that the problem is not from the charger. It will also help to try change your battery too.


5. Itel Phones Camera Quality

Frankly, some models have poor camera. It will take a good app from Google play store to improve the camera quality. But don’t expect too much – Itel Phone Problems And How To Fix Them

You can join our forum discussion and ask any question about mobile phone devices and I will respond promptly.


Itel 2090 White Screen Solution

Itel 2090 White Screen Solution

Itel 2090, a MOS keypad phone, elegantly designed with dual SIM slot features has gone wild by displaying all white in the screen. No information is displayed, no icon showed up in the screen, it is just plain white – Itel 2090 White Screen Solution

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Itel 2090 White Screen Solution

Before we get a solution, you must understand that this problem is not common. If your itel 2090 screen just turn white for the first time, then you need to run the basics first. You have to restart the phone and observe if the problem is solved. If not, then remove SIM cards and memory card from the phone and try again. Sometimes, corrupt memory and SIM cards can result in white screen display problem.

When the above suggestion has been carried out and the problem still won’t go away, a more technical method is required. Either the hardware method or the software method is needed to solve the problem.


How To Solve Itel 2090 White Screen Problem Using The Hardware Method

Before using this method, be sure that the phone functions normally. You can receive calls with it, make calls, turn the torch on and hear the keypad sound as you press the phone keypads. When the screen displays white yet responding to all the above, then the solution is simply screen replacement.

In replacing the screen, a technician should know that compatibility problem might surface. This means that some screens might not work for the phone when soldered even though they are the correct screens meant for the phone. You should take your time to try series of screen

How To Solve Itel 2090 White Screen Problem Using The Software Method

In this method, the phone does not respond when the keypad is pressed, does not receives calls and it’s just stuck. The solution to this problem is flashing the phone. Unfortunately, we do not have the flash files nor the flashing software at this times.

Should you need further assistance and answers to your questions, please visit our phone repair forum here


How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones

How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones

There is no phone without problems. When it comes to white screen display on Tecno android phone, it becomes an exception. For one thing, if the screen display plain white, you cannot operate the phone, it is as good as dead. In this post, I will not only consider How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones but also mention what you can do to avoid this particular problem.

Hey, before I proceed, please understand that if the phone was recently worked on by a technician, the suggestions here might not work. There is a probability that the white screen display on your Tecno Phone result from misrepair of the device.

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How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones

Why Is My Tecno Phone Screen Showing White?

Let say your Tecno Camon CX screen displays white, what could be the reason? One know reason is water. Normally, when a phone drops on water and the screen is affected, it gradually turns white. But in your own case, it wasn’t gradual and and the screen had not displayed a sign of water contact.

Still on the issue of water, when you keep the phone in your pocket, little sweat can penetrate through opening in the phone and bridge screen flex soldered or clipped legs. The sweat may not touch the screen itself before displaying white. This is because the white bulbs supplying the screen light are still working but the screen is prevented from displaying information because its flex is bridged by sweat.

Another reason for white screen display is when either 1 or 2 glasses that make up the screen is broken. Sometimes, it might just be a little crack to small to notice by the user. This can happen when your phone drops down.

Only on few occasions some Tecno phone screens display white as a result of corrupt system files. For Example, you left your hone on the table few minutes ago and now you went there to and found the the Tecno W5 screen is displaying white. Hard to believe.

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What You Can Do When Your Tecno Phone Screen Is Showing White

What you can do is so limited, and most likely, you may have to change the screen. But before you do that, try these.

Keep the phone a hot place t dry out any possible water. If the white screen display is only because of water water, this method should work just fine. If it is related to sweat, it might not work. Sweat has some metal particles in them that will still bridge the phone screen led long after the sweat is dried up.

If you believe that the problem is software related and the phone was never in contact with any liquid substance and never dropped down, you may try factory reset on the phone. If the battery is removable, do tis.

Remove battery » Replace Battery » Press and Hold Power Key + Volume Down Key » Follow Instructions from here to factory reset the phone.

If the phone has inbuilt battery, the press and hold the power key for 15 seconds and the phone will turn off. Now repeat the process above.

This Post Is About How To Fix White Screen On Tecno Phones.

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How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones

How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones

Samsung phones are well known for their ultra HD screens long enough before the all popular Tecno and Infinix budget phones came to be famous. Their touchpads are so responsive with a clean and bright interface that marks them one of a kind – How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones

How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones

Sadly, the beauty of the Samsung screen does not represent anything eternity. One of the major complain with this phone screen is the white display, a problem that has caused lots of frustration and annoyance.

In this post, I will mention some of the reasons why this happens to many Samsung Users, what can be done to prevent it and how to fix it if it eventually happens to you.


Why Is My Samsung Phone Displaying White?

  1. Water may cause this problem. Not all Samsung phones are water resistant. When water enters the phone and goes through to the screen, it might damage it, making it to stop working. However, the white light bulbs in the screen will still light up. Since the rear of the screen is white, the screen displays white when the phone is turned on with the screen damaged and the bulbs turn on.
  2. Dust and small particles are another reason why many experience the issue of white screen in their Samsung phones. Screen flex cable connecting the screen to the phone panel may be dirty at the point of connection.
  3. Rust is just one more reason. Similar to dust, it prevents the screen flex from establishing a stable connection between the screen and the phone panel.
  4. Cracks in the screen can damage the screen, making it to display white when turned on. Often though, this is the result of rough handling of the phone and the resulting crack are mostly unnoticeable.
  5. Apps, when over installed in the phone leaving very little space for the RAM of the phone can choke the processor. This can make the phone to malfunction, sometimes displaying white. Its even worse if the apps are corrupt.

How To Prevent Your Samsung Phone Screen From Displaying White

There are no hard rules here. Simply play safe with your phone and never be over comfortable with it. If it drops down it might give you white screen and if it gets too dirty for a long time, white screen might knock on the door.

Never bring it close to water. It is noe recommended to keep your phone in your pocket on a hot day. Sweat from your leg can sip into the phone, finding its way down the screen and panel components responsible for graphic.

Do not multitask your phone, do not install apps you do not really need and do not exhaust your system memory. If you do not really need an app then reject it.

Finding the answer to How To Fix White Screen On Samsung Phones is not an easy one, but here is something we can do.

Solution To Samsung Phone White Screen Display

The First thing to do is is simply restarting the device. In Samsung phones with removable batteries, this is quite easy. Simply remove the battery, insert it again and the turn the phone on. In phones with inbuilt batteries, simply pres and hold the power key for 30 seconds, for the phone to force shutdown and then turn it on again. Now check if the screen still displays white.

How To Fix Samsung S7 SD Card Problem

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Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution – Solve It Yourself

Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution

Tecno WX3 is Just one of Tecno popular phone. Designed into the W family of Tecno Mobile, it comes with 8 Gig storage space with a 1.3Hz quad-core processor. In this post, we consider Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution. You can find considerable help on how you can fix these issues personally without asking a technician for help. Let’s get started.

NOTE: Before we proceed, I would like to tell you a little bitter truth. If you have had a repairer check work on the phone and the problem seem to be from a wrong repair of the phone, then the solution here might not help much. You may just give it a try. After all, who knows whether there is life in planet Mars – Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution

Tecno W3X Problems And Solution

First of, let us list some of these problems below. Please let me now through the comment section below if you identify an issue with this phone that is not listed here – Problems Of Tecno WX3.

  1. Tecno WX3 Screen Graphics Is Low
  2. Hanging problems Of Tecno WX3
  3. Tecno WX3 Heating Problem
  4. Tecno WX3 Bluetooth And Wifi Problem
  5. Apps Unexpectedly closes In Tecno WX3


1. Tecno WX3 Screen Graphics Is Low

Truth is, this is a problem with this phone. However, there seem to be no solution for this. This is how the device is designed. Really, this is one model Tecno never took time to examine before bringing it to the table. Maybe using a different launcher app instead of the phone’s default launcher might help. You can find launchers in Google play store.


2. Hanging problems Of Tecno WX3

Have you ever turned our phone on, operated some few apps and then found that the phone freezes up. This, really, is very annoying. What is the cause of this problem. We should find out first and then we will find a solution.

Check this out How To Solve Hanging Problems On Mobile Phones

The main reason for this problem is limited storage space. You may have installed too many apps or few high end apps leaving your storage space in the device virtually empty. The problem is, your phone needs free memory space to work expressly, and now, the processor is choked up when trying to launch app because is hardly any space left. So this is what you can do.

If you are about to conclude that there is no solution for this problem just like the first one mentioned above, please don’t. There is a solution and it is really cheap and easy to do. Simply uninstall apps from your device to free up some memory space. It might also help to delete some few media files. (music, vidoes and images)

When you are done with the above make sure you restart the device. That’s all you need to do. – Tecno WX3 Problems And Solution


3. Tecno WX3 Over Heating Problem

Most often, this happens when the phone is being operated and then the battery drains very fast. At other times, it happens during charging. Whatever the case, you can never be comfortable with this problem. But what can you do?

Unknown to you, your phone might have come in contact with water, either through body sweat or otherwise. This might cause certain components in the phone to bridge when they are not supposed to. The quick fix to this problem is simply keeping the phone in a hot place for a considerable amount of time to allow any possible water to dry out completely.

You may have to contact a competent repairer if the problem persist. He might just have to service the phone and completely heat out possible water from the phone.

If the phone usually get hot during charging, it might be an indication that it is time to change the charger. When the charger is not having a stable contact with the phone charging port during charging, the result might be the heating problem. Either the charger is changed or the charging port is replaced.


4. Tecno WX3 Bluetooth And Wifi Problem

To be continued…

Meanwhile, you can find more help in our forum here


Tecno Camon 11 Specifications, Reviews and Price

Tecno Camon 11 Specifications, Reviews and Price

In this post, Tecno Camon 11 Specifications, Reviews and Price, I want to touch on every aspect of this newly released Tecno device. It is my sincere hope that you find all the information about the Camon 11 here.

Tecno Camon 11 is just another stunning model recently added to the Tecno Camon family. Known for their elegance, each member of the Camon family strives with clear audio sound, amazing clear camera and sufficient storage space. Luckily, the all-new Camon 11 with its Al features is no different.

Tecno Camon 11 Camera Review

Brighter and better, the camera for this model performs better than its predecessors slightly or let me say marginally. The 16-megapixel camera is much clearer even in low light condition, capturing objects beautifully.

The rear side of the phone comes with 2 cameras, a flashlight and a fingerprint sensor. At the front top of the phone is the Al clear selfie camera, another flashlight and a light sensor. Both the rear and front cameras or super cool. It is also worth mentioning that the camera for this device has the Al bokeh effect.

Tecno camon 11 Al bokeh effect

One more feature of the Camon 11 camera is the face detection. Other members of the Tecno Camon family also have cameras with face detection. But the Camon 11 does better with the event and scene detection when play mode is turned on in the camera.

Tecno camon 11

Tecno Camon 11 Processor Review

The phone runs on a quad-core chipset.

Tecno Camon 11 Design

See for yourself with the pictures below, let the evidence speak for itself. Sleeky, elegant, neat, beautiful and had comfort feel are just not enough to describe the design.


At the time of writing this post, only little is know about this device. I hope to update it pretty soon as information is available. For a phone of this capacity to be released at this time, it is an indication that Tecno mobile is working and still strong to dominate in the mobile market.

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Infinix Phones Charging Problems And Solutions

Infinix Phones Charging Problems And Solutions

Infinix has become a very popular phone with lots of users across Africa and Asia. One good thing about these phones specifically is their fast charging features. There are those who bought this make because the fast charging capacity that is built with some Infinix phones and and their chargers. Maybe you are one of them – Infinix Phones Charging Problems And Solutions.

What turned out to be an exciting feature suddenly turned to be hurtful as your Infinix phone no longer flash charge. and soon you started searching for Infinix Phone Charging Slow and My Infinix Hot Note Is Not Charging Fast on Google search. Let’s get you a solution.

Infinix Phones Charging Problems And Solutions

How To Make Infinix Phone Charge Faster

The first thing to do is to determine the reason for the slow charging. If it doesn’t charge at all, then try to learn the reason. What recently changed that led to the situation? See some reasons below.

Infinix Phone Does Not Charge At All

Try  the following steps:

  1. Get a better charger. If you are certain that the charger is good enough and can consistently charge similar phones, then proceed to the next step
  2. Evaluate the battery strength. Phone batteries usually get weaker with time. At a certain point in the battery’s lifespan, it might stop taking charges because it is too weak to do so. If you suspect that this might be the reason, then consider changing the battery.
  3. Clean the charging port in the phone. Sometimes, dust might interfere in the connection between the the charger and the charging terminals in the charging port of the phone. Brushing off dirt gently from the charging port might do the trick.
  4. Have a technician check and repair or replace the charging port. Note that when roughly replaced, it can cause more harm to the phone. It is wise to consult a trusted repairer.

Infinix Phone Does Not Flash Charge

When your Infinix phone starts giving flash charging issues, there are few things responsible. Lets list them below.

  1. Check to see if flash charging is activated in the phone settings. Head to settings, then to battery and activate flash charge. When deactivated, your phone will not charge fast even when using an original flash charger.
  2. Make sure that the charger flash charges. The USB cable in particular can prevent your Infinix phone from flash charging. Try a different charger or USB cable.
  3. One more reason for this problem is a faulty charging port. The contact points between the charger’s insert point and the charging port in the phone might not be well established. Contact a competent repairer for assistance.


Infinix Phone Charges slow

So you plug in your charger and return after a while to check the progress of the charging. Whoa! Just 2% increase after all this time. What went wrong?

  1. The first thing to check is the charger. Chargers have different charging capacities. The local cheap chargers found in the common market around us cannot charge android phones with high battery capacities like the Infinix phones. It is necessary to get better and stronger chargers.
  2. Again, check the charging port. Sometimes, though, the charger may expound the charging port of the phone due to frequent.


Infinix Phone Discharges When Charging

When the battery percentage is reducing instead of increasing when a charger is plunged in, there is obviously something wrong. It could be that the charger does not have the capacity to properly charge the phone or the phone’s charging port has fault.

Note that when the charging port has issues, the phone charging signal might still display at the top notification bar of the phone but will not increase in battery percentage. This might be a result of partial contact between the charger and the phone charging port.

To solve this problem, you first need to change your charger to a better one if you have not already done so. If the charger enters the phone so freely without sufficient grip, this might be an indication that the charging port need replacement. You can find more assistance in our forum



Tecno W3 Dead Solution – Won’t Turn On

Tecno W3 Dead Solution – Won’t Turn On

Do you have a Tecno W3 that won’t turn on? It would have been better if it turned on and gives some sorts of problems than never turning on at all. I know the frustration because I personally have been there before – Tecno W3 Dead Solution – Won’t Turn On

In this post, I will try, as much as possible, to provide in bit details how to fix this and make the phone turn on. Depending on what caused the problem, users may be able to carryout these fix without consulting with a phone repairer. You may also check this out Tecno W3 Problems And How To Solve Them – Solutions

Tecno W3 Dead Solution

Tecno W3 Not Powering On

Before we begin with this fix, we first have to determine the reasons why we have this problem in the first place. Knowing this will guide us through the process of a proper repair. Keep in mind that we are not practicing the basics here. This is not easy to fix, but you may try.

Tecno W3 Dead After Flashing

Tecno W3 Dead After Falling In Water

Battery Drained To 0% And Won’t Turn On

Tecno W3 Wont Turn One Over Nothing

These are the main reasons why Tecno W3 Won’t turn on. There might be other known reasons but, are similar to one of the reasons provided above and can be fixed the same way.


Tecno W3 Dead After Flashing

Obviously, this is not withing the powers of a phone user. Only phone technicians flash phones and make error that turn phones dead. If this is what you are now facing with your W3, don’t panic then.

There are few reasons why you had this problem during the flashing process. The ROM (Firmware) used in flashing the phone is the whole data required for the phone to operate. Without it, the phone is dummy dead. Also, is something goes wrong during the flashing, the ROM will not be completely installed on the phone, causing it not to respond.

There are some few things that could go wrong during the flashing process. The USB cable may fail while the flashing software will display a flash successful message. The battery may not be properly charged and the firmware may not be compatible with the phone. Here is what you can do.

How To Solve Tecno W3 Dead After Flashing Problem

What you have to do first is make sure that the USB cable and battery are in good shape. If you are not sure, change the USB cable to a better one and leave the dead phone charging for sometime before you retry the flashing. Also use a meter to read the battery volt before retrying.

You may download the firmware for Tecno w3 but, may not be the right variant. Sometimes, website administrators that provides firmware do make mistakes in naming firmwares and identifying them with their respective phones. Try a different firmware.

Make sure that the phone is not clone (fake or copy). If it is, then the firmware for the original phone won’t work for the cloned phone. A cloned firmware don’t work for the original phone also. It is important to check with other w3 and ensure that you are flashing the right phone.

If you need more assistance, check our phone hardware repair forum and ask there.


Tecno W3 Dead After Falling In Water

You probably know that the first thing to do after being aware that your phone falls on water is to remove the battery. However, the W3 uses an inbuilt battery that cannot be easily removed. Sometimes, the touchpad stop working almost immediately, making it almost impossible to turn it off.

The more the water stays inside the phone with the battery still connected, the more damage is done to the phone. The result is usually devastating, damaging the screen and making the phone look dead even when it is on, since the screen will not display.

It doesn’t end there. It could get worse. The power key may get rust, fail to respond when pressed and unable to power on the phone. Lets get help.

Fixing  The Tecno W3 Power Problem

Make provision for sufficient heat for the phone. Even when the phone look dead and won’t respond when you try to turn it on, it might latter turn on after it is kept under sufficient heat and the water inside is dried up.

Even when the phone eventually turn on, I will recommend that you see a repairer, because shortly, the phone will start developing other problems. Actually, what a repairer will do is to brush off any particles (sand and small metal particles) that the water might have deposited in the panel.

Even you the user can open the back of the phone using a star-mouth screw driver, remove the battery and dry up the water inside the panel of the phone.

The power key should not be overlooked simply because it still makes that clicking sound. It is relevant to clean it too. It might just be the reason why the phone won’t turn on after falling into water – Tecno W3 Dead Solution


Battery Drained To 0% And Won’t Turn On

So the battery drained to 0% one day and never turned on again even after charging. Now you are in search of Tecno W3 Dead Solution. It is really easy to fix this problem. Fixing it is all up to you, I can only show you how.

There are two reasons why your battery refuse to turn your phone on. It is either it is undercharged, or the charging port of the phone is bad at the time the battery drained to finish. If the battery is undercharged, it could sometimes be hard for a charger to charge the battery up to the point where it indicates charging.

What if the charging port is bad at the time the battery is down? You can guess. If it is never fixed the battery cannot be charged and will remain undercharged. The more you keep pressing the power key, the more you complicate matters for the battery.

Alright! Enough of this sermon on the net. Time to look for a solution.


Solution To Dead Tecno W3 After Battery Drained

Before considering anything else, be sure that you have connected different working charger to the phone and left charging for over 10min. Sometimes when the battery is undercharged, it takes time for a normal charger to charge it back to life.

In cases where the battery is undercharged and won’t come up after connecting a charger, a capable repairer might decide to connect a multiple charger (desktop charger) to the battery in order to boost it up or recommend that you change the battery. The assurance is that if a multiple charger is used to boost the batter back to life, it will work normal.

Even before the above suggestion is started, you should look through the charging port in the phone to see if the charger connecting material inside is broken. If it is, then it has to be fixed before the phone can be charged


Tecno W3 Wont Turn One Over Nothing

This might be an indication that the phone need servicing. The first step to take is to clean the interior part of the phone thoroughly with alcohol and brush – toothbrush is often used.

Servicing a phone is not limited to cleaning the inside panel. Hard reset (factory reset) is another form of servicing which corrects many errors in a phone. If you are a phone repairer, take advantage of your phone flashing software, like miracle box, to factory reset the phone. Most phones might be dead but still responds to computers when a valid USB cable is connected.


Depending on what caused the problem, try these steps before complaining of Tecno W3 Dead Solution

  1. Try different chargers
  2. Use a desktop charger to boost the battery if the case warrant
  3. make sure the screen is not broken
  4. Make sure the phone is thoroughly dried off water
  5. Remember to look and service the power key
  6. Using a computer, Factory reset the phone
  7. Service the phone by cleaning the inside panel
  8. Check the charging port and replace it if necessary