Android Tablet Problems And Solutions

Android Tablet Problems And Solutions

The most common problem with android tablets are power on and off, screen, battery and wifi problem. Like every other problems, they can be frustrating and they start suddenly.below, we give attention to some common Android Tablet Problems And Solutions


Android Tablet Not Turning On

In most cases, the battery has gone down below normal. Even if you charge it for so long it may not come up or turn on. To solve this problem, you will need a very strong charger to charge the tablet for a very long time. This will allow the battery time to boost itself. If this fail to work, the other available option is to disassemble the tablet, unsolder or unclip the battery terminal and charge with a desktop charger. This second option should be done only by a technician.

Another reason may be that the battery is either weak or completely dead. In this case, a replacement battery is needed. Since all android tablets do do not follow the insertable battery method, a phone technician is required to do this.


Android Tablet Not Charging

The same reason as above is also a major cause of charging failure in android tablets. If you can boost your battery with long time charging and it works out fine, be sure never to let the battery run down completely before charging it. If the battery is always charged, this problem may not occur. In the setting, you plug in your charger and see the charging sign but the battery level never increases. But if after plugging your charger the charging sign is not displayed then the charging port is bad, you will have to change it. Learn more about Charging problem from Tecno W3 Charging solution


Android Tablet Wifi Not Working

To be sure that this is a problem ensure that all wifi settings (Passwords in case of connecting to hotspot connection) are correct. Make sure that no part of the phone casing is broken. Most android wifi antennas are located in the casing. Now go to settings and restore the tablet to factory default. Note that if you restore your tablet, you will loose your apps, contacts and file saved in the tablet. Be sure to make a backup before you proceed. The last option you have is all the above fails is to flash the phone. I will recommend that you let an expert mobile device technician do the flashing.


Android Tablet Screen Problem

Since android tablet screen are comparatively wide and covers much larger surface area, it is much easier to get damage. Sometimes, one part of the screen will display while the other side won’t. In some situation, the screen will display just fine but some areas will to respond when tapped. Whatever the case may be, screen problems are delicate and not something a user want to play with. If a screen is damaged, either completely or not, it needs to be changed. A Technician Should do this.

Android Phones Updating Problems

If your tablet cannot update, then you should check to ensure that you have sufficient internet data and network for th update. If this is not the problem, then you will have to reset you tablet to factory default and initiate the updating process again – Android Tablet Problems And Solutions

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