Android Phones Fake Charging Solution

Android Phones Fake Charging Solution

So it happens that you kept you phone charging and within few minutes the battery got fully charged. WOW! Time to operate. The first 10 minute of operation took 10% off the battery and soon the battery is totally drained. What have you done wrong? Nothing. Just that your phone has been fake charging when you plugged the charger in. In this post, we consider Android Phones Fake Charging Solution with the hope that it will help you resolve the problem in real time.

The solution here will work for any android device such as Samsung mobile devices, Tecno mobile devices, Infinix mobile devices, Lenovo mobile devices and others as well. Deviceteck provide a simple solution to Fake charging problem bellow.

How To repair Fake charging on Android Phones

USB Cable
The USB cable can cause this problem. Today, there are lots of cheap cables in the mobile and public market. These cables are sometimes not good enough to sufficiently charge some android phones. The result may either be fake charging or not charge the phone at all. With this in mind, you may want to get another cable and try again

All chargers do not have the same charging capacity. Some are made specifically for some devices and when used for other devices some issues may arise. If the charger you are using at the moment is not meant for your device you may want to change it as this could be responsible for the fake charging.

This is the most common reason why may android phones fake charge. It happens when the battery is weak and unhealthy. It can no longer charge up to maximum capacity ans starts giving wrong percentage when charging. Simply changing the battery is all that is required to solve this issue. If your battery is inbuilt and you cannot remove and replace it, this article will help you out. How To Replace Tecno W3 W4 C8 C9 CX N9 Battery

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