Tecno Phone Charging Slow – How To Make It Charge Fast

Tecno Phone Charging Slow – How To Make It Charge Fast

In a normal condition, it take a new android phone less than 2 hours to fully charge its battery. This is because the battery is new and in good health. When you use this device after some time, like 1 year or even less, the battery becomes so stressed and weak. This sometimes can lead to slow charging of the phone battery. But what are other reasons for slow battery charging? How can you Increase the rate at which your battery charges. These will be considered below – Tecno Phone Charging Slow – How To Make It Charge Fast

Why My Phone Charge Slow

  • The battery is weak
  • The USB cable is bad or not compatible with the phone
  • The charger is not compatible with the phone
  • You have been charging the phone with a power bank
  • The charging port is bad

Slow charging in an android phone may be due to one or more of the reasons above. Note that the same thing responsible for the slow charging of an Infinix Android phone may also be responsible for a Tecno  Android phone. Generally for all android devices. The solution to this problem will now be considered below. This solution to slow charging on Android phones should work for Tecno phones, Infinix phones, Itel phons, Gionee phones, Lenovo phones, opsson phones as well as all other Android phones.

Phone Not Charging Fast Solution

  • Change the USB cable
  • Change the USB cable and the main charger if changing only the cable could not solve the problem
  • Stop charging the phone with a power bank. It sometime kills battery slowly
  • Turn off the phone when charging
  • if the phone is on when charging, be sure to remove all recently used apps.
  • Get a power saving android app. it helps to optimize battery life and increase charging speed
  • Consider replacing the battery
  • If all the above fail to solve the problem, consult with the Calcare service center of your device or a phone repair technician for assistance

This post should not be mistaken for the solution to discharging of phone while charging. It is only for slow charing of phones. If you want the solution discharging of phones while charging, see the post Phone Discharging While Charging – How To Fix It in our page.

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