Advantages And Disadvantages Of Itel S32 And Itel S32 Lite

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Itel S32 And Itel S32 Lite

Itel s32 is believed to be a huge improvement on itel mobile phones by many. This phone and its lite version are really amazing. The major points of consideration are their cameras and battery capacities. The design of these phones too are killing and great. However, this phone has some disadvantages worth considering too. Below, we fully consider the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Itel S32 And Itel S32 Lite

Advantages of Itel S32 and S32 Lite

  1. The battery capacity is strong enough for a phone of this nature. It means extra gaming, chatting and fun time on the phone. The battery capacity is 3,000mAh
  2. The cameras for both phones are than that of Tecno K7 Spark. This is one reason retailers recommend the Itel S32 and not the Tecno K7. The zooming capacity, the dual front selfie camera and the picture effects of the phone are all amazing. (For example, you can take a picture with this phone and add effects on the face of the person on the picture such as the color of the lips, length of the chin, adjust the size of the chest or breast and so on)
  3. The Finger Print Function is another major point of recommendation for these devices. It quickly detects fingers without lagging or consuming time. You can add over 5 fingers as unlocking fingers, so if one finger is not available for unlocking your phone, another finger can then open the phone.
  4. The design of these phones are something to comment on positively. For those who have been using itel phones like the it1503 and even their keypad phones will find that their casing and building materials are not all that strong and durable. This is not so with these two devices in review.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Itel S32 And Itel S32 Lite


Disadvantages Of Itel S32 and S32 Lite

  1. The Specification of the phone as seen on the internet and phone packaging box reveals that the S32 has 16GB internal memory. However, the actual internal memory of the phone when turned on is barely 11GB. This is over 5GB less.
  2. The graphics of the S32 and S32 Lite has really improved when compared with previous Itel phone models, but still no match for Tecno and Infinix mobile phones.
  3. The changing of the battery takes considerable time to get filled.


In conclusion, recommends the Itel S32 and S32 Lite for its improved camera and fingerprint sensor. According to one website, the price of this phone in Nigeria Currently is #30,000 ($81.1).


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