5 Amazing Facts About Hovatek Forum

5 Amazing Facts About Hovatek Forum

How well do you know this Forum? What niche would you say it belongs to? How many registered users would you say it has? Well, lets find out some few details about this forum. We may not have all the details here but should get a handful from this post, 5 Amazing Facts About Hovatek Forum that will change our views on this Nigerian successful forum.

The Leading Online Chinese Phones Flash Files Providers

From Infinix Firmwares to Tecno Firmwares (Firmwares are files used to flash Android phones,and the equivalent of the Nokia RM), Hovateck have you covered. Latest android mobile phone ROMs are quickly uploaded into their forums for free download by visitors. Something to be appreciated is the order in which these Firmwares are navigated on the forum, easy to locate and download. Technical support is provided by representatives of the forum for even Unregistered visitors for free. Support is fast and easy.

Satisfactory Online Customer Care Service

With a live chat service system, visitors can easily communicate with an online Hovatek representative. Communication with representatives is always excellent and polite.

Has Over 72,800 Registered Members

According to the Forum’s own inbuilt statistics, Hovateck Forum has 72,863 registered users at the time this article was posted. The most online online visitors at the same time is 1002 visitors. Over 111,000 post has already been created in this forum so far. Only few forums in Nigeria such as the NairaLand Forum can boast of such achievements of online success. Over 10% of registered users are active in forum activities.

Contact Address Is Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria . 100264

This can be found at the bottom of the page if you scroll down along with a contact email address. Also at the bottom of the page is the “About Hovatek Forum” section.

Has Over 150,000 Daily Visitors According To Ahrefs

According to Ahrefs, Hovatek has whooping visitors of over 150K daily. This makes it among the leading websites in the country, possibly among the top 100 most visited websites in Nigeria. Focusing more on android software repair solutions, there is hardly any android user who search the internet for solutions to his phone problems without bumping into Hovatek. Hovatek has lots of visitors from United States, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, Germany, Canada and France – Based on Ahrefs algorithm.



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