3 Itel Non-Android Phones You Can Buy

3 Itel Non-Android Phones You Can Buy

For some reasons you want to buy a new phone, but this time it’s not an android phone. If you are thinking of purchasing Itel product, then think of the three suggestions below. Also check on the table below for a really quick  overview of these three Itel models. We begin our recommendations of these 3 Itel Non-Android Phones You Can Buy with the Itel it5300.

Why You Should Buy Itel it5300

3 Itel Non-Android Phones You Can Buy

Also known as “The bigger, the clearer” but its manufacturers, the Itel it5300 will ensure you have control over the screen. With its ability to accommodate up to 16 GB external memory, you can be sure to enjoy watching videos with it without boggling your eyes.

Why You Should Buy Itel it5010

Specifically designed for music lovers, this device ensures that users enjoy music in a clear and resounding way. Another remarkable feature is its triple SIM slot. With a device like this, you wont have to keep any SIM aside. So, when one SIM goes for making and receiving calls, another covers Facebook and a last SIM for additional network.

Why You Should Buy Itel it6910


3 Itel Non-Android Phones You Can Buy

It may shock you to know that this is not an android phone. Why not? So that the poor can enjoy what the rich enjoys. This java phone with clear rear and front camera will ensure that you get everyone around you thinking that you’ve got an android device.

We hope that this recommendation will help you make a good decision as to which Itel phone you should buy. There are lots of Itel devices to choose from, but for these running on low budget, we have recommended these three. Check the table below for a fast overview of these devices.

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ITEL it5300ITEL it5010ITEL it6910
BATTERY CAPACITY1000mAh1000 mAh1900mAh
COLOR----Black, White----
EXTERNAL MEMORYUp to 16GBUp to 16GBup to 32GB

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