About Deviceteck

Our Mission

We work hard to provide our users with up to date information on various devices. Our core mission is to inform and  educate mobile device users how to maintain their devices. We also provide jumper connection solutions for most devices so that connections can be reestablished if a led pulls off the PCB. Our graphical instructions helps lots of repairers to find their way in fixing any sort of devices. Through the forum section of this website, we hope to bring mobile technicians together to share ideals.

Our Purpose 

We hope that individuals who wants to become a phone repair professionals will find the most useful resources to learn here. Expert repairers too will find great exceptional help here.

Other Works

We are happy to inform our users that a new online book has been design by deviceteck.com to teach beginners how to repair mobile devices in 3 weeks. This free material can be found here.

Why Us?

We provide real-time help and support. Graphical illustrations and complete connection way part.

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