Infinix X551 Network Problem And Solution – Make It Work

Infinix X551 Network Problem And Solution

Infinix X551 Network Problem And Solution

Infinix X551 is among those stunning devices with fast internet connections. However, in some cases, mobile network (internet network required for browsing) may not work properly while the network bar remain in tact. In rear cases, the network bar may disappear for almost forever. What could be the cause of this Infinix X551 Network   Problem And Solution?

No Network On My Infinix X551 – The Cause

There have been lots of complaints on lost of network on this device after efforts to update it. Whether the update is successful or not this issue might appear. Other users experienced loss of network on their Infinix X551 after a long period of usage, like downloading heavy file for a long time and exposing the phone to excessive heat that results from such misuse.

On some other occasions we were made aware by various users at different times that their phones loss of mobile network occur after flashing it. It is only on few occasion we got informed that loss of network happens without no just cause(The user might have previously done something without being aware).

How To Fix Infinix X551 Network Problem – User

Earlier, I have written a little general piece on this topic How To Solve Network Problem In Android

First of, majority of mobile network issues are software related. Only few are hardware based. In either case there is only little the user can do. If you are a user, here is what you can try.

  1. Check the settings of the phone to be sure nothing went wrong there
  2. restart (reboot) the device if the settings seem good
  3. factory reset the phone from the settings if step 2 does not work
  4. have a technician work on the phone if problem continues.

How To Make Infinix X55 Mobile Network Work – Technician

When the issue is hardware based cleaning of the internal network antenna and making sure relevant antennas are in contact should be given attention – Infinix X506

The image above should guide the technician on Infinix X551 Network Problem  Solution. Notice that the PBC (motherboard) above represents Infinix X506 and not X551. However, both phones both phones can be repaired with same method because they have almost the same antenna structure.

If the problem is software related, flashing the device is the next step to take. If the phone has been flashed previously, flashing again with a different flash file should be done. An instruction on how to flash phones can be found here How To Flash Tecno Phones Easily

Infinix X551 Network Problem And Solution

Find The Price Of Infinix X551

How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android

How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android

This question is often asked by both phone users and technicians alike. Is there a simple way of repairing a mobile phone MIC? In this article, we will consider the following. How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android.

. What is MIC (Mouthpiece)?

. When a MIC is Really bad

. How to fix a bad MIC

Note: MIC in this article refers to Mouthpiece.

What is MIC (Mouthpiece)?

In our phone repair online training section, we define the concept of MIC as When making a call with your phone, the MIC (which means the microphone) record what you say during the call and makes it available to be transmitted to the person you are talking with. If the MIC in a phone is bad and you make a call with that phone, the other person will not hear you. If you record any sound with the phone, it will not work. Find more here

When a MIC is Really bad

It is not difficult to tell if a phone’s mouthpiece is faulty, whether for MOS or android phones. It simply won’t record sounds or allow the receiving end of a call to hear what you say. After making sure that the receiving end of a call’s earpiece (REC) is working and the volume is adjusted to normal, it is then safe to conclude that the MIC is bad and needs replacement.

In some android phones, there are two mouthpiece. The upper mouthpiece in the panel of the phone for sound recording and the bottom mouthpiece for forwarding sounds during calls to the other end. If the bottom MIC is damaged, sounds can be successfully recorded and heard when played, but the receiver of a call wont be able to hear what you say.

How To Fix a Bad MIC

There are generally two types of mouthpiece used for mobile phones. The two-legged mouthpiece and the four-legged mouthpiece also known as the golden mouthpiece. The latter is more difficult to fix when compared to the first one.

The two legged mouthpiece.

How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android

it is really easy to replace this mouthpiece. The only major tool needed is the soldering iron. Soldering iron is needed for this mouthpiece if it uses wire terminals, if not, the hot air of a rework station is needed to remove the faulty sited two legged MIC and then replaced with the two legged wire terminal MIC using a soldering iron.

The four-legged mouthpiece

More difficult to fix is the four-legged mouthpiece. Some uses a special resistor and a the two-legged mouthpiece as a substitute for it. The logic is simple and handy if you look online hard enough. The rework station hot air is required in all the steps of making a replacement if you are to use the same mouthpiece.

How to Fix Mouthpiece On Android

X-BO V11 Mouthpiece Solution – MIC Jumper Way

X-BO V11 Mouthpiece Solution – MIC Jumper Way

Find the mouthpiece connection solution for sony xbo v11 in the image below. Please let us know if you need any further help and we will be sure to help. X-BO V11 Mouthpiece Solution – MIC Jumper Way

X-BO V11 Mouthpiece Solution - MIC Jumper Way

Get full size image here

The connection part are very tight and tricky. Be sure you know what you are doing and excises extreme caution during the fixing process.

X-BO V6 Mouthpiece Solution – MIC Way


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Itel S32 And Itel S32 Lite

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Itel S32 And Itel S32 Lite

Itel s32 is believed to be a huge improvement on itel mobile phones by many. This phone and its lite version are really amazing. The major points of consideration are their cameras and battery capacities. The design of these phones too are killing and great. However, this phone has some disadvantages worth considering too. Below, we fully consider the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Itel S32 And Itel S32 Lite

Advantages of Itel S32 and S32 Lite

  1. The battery capacity is strong enough for a phone of this nature. It means extra gaming, chatting and fun time on the phone. The battery capacity is 3,000mAh
  2. The cameras for both phones are than that of Tecno K7 Spark. This is one reason retailers recommend the Itel S32 and not the Tecno K7. The zooming capacity, the dual front selfie camera and the picture effects of the phone are all amazing. (For example, you can take a picture with this phone and add effects on the face of the person on the picture such as the color of the lips, length of the chin, adjust the size of the chest or breast and so on)
  3. The Finger Print Function is another major point of recommendation for these devices. It quickly detects fingers without lagging or consuming time. You can add over 5 fingers as unlocking fingers, so if one finger is not available for unlocking your phone, another finger can then open the phone.
  4. The design of these phones are something to comment on positively. For those who have been using itel phones like the it1503 and even their keypad phones will find that their casing and building materials are not all that strong and durable. This is not so with these two devices in review.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Itel S32 And Itel S32 Lite


Disadvantages Of Itel S32 and S32 Lite

  1. The Specification of the phone as seen on the internet and phone packaging box reveals that the S32 has 16GB internal memory. However, the actual internal memory of the phone when turned on is barely 11GB. This is over 5GB less.
  2. The graphics of the S32 and S32 Lite has really improved when compared with previous Itel phone models, but still no match for Tecno and Infinix mobile phones.
  3. The changing of the battery takes considerable time to get filled.


In conclusion, recommends the Itel S32 and S32 Lite for its improved camera and fingerprint sensor. According to one website, the price of this phone in Nigeria Currently is #30,000 ($81.1).


How To Solve Network Problem In Android

How To Solve Network Problem In Android

Are you having troubles with your phone mobile network connection? Let see how we can resolve the issue with the following steps. How To Solve Network Problem In Android.

  1. If the Network Works Everywhere But Your Room

There are lots of complaints from users of mobile phones about restricted mobile network around their homes. If this is the case, it might be that your mobile service provider’s network is not strong enough around your home. Try this.

Have a friend insert your SIM into his phone to check if you will experience the same issue. If yes, you might want to talk with your network provider customer service to make a complaint.

2. If The Network Does Not Work At All

The first step it to remove your SIM and insert it back into the mobile phone. Now restart the phone and note the difference. If no improvement and network still hasn’t showed up, factory reset may be necessary.

Note: In some case, flashing of the phone is necessary to restore mobile and data networks.

3. If The Mobile Network Problem Is Hardware Related

Only phone technician should do this.

Clean the network antenna with a sharp object and ensure that it can still create contact between the phone and the network area of the phone. See this post for more assistance.

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How To Solve Hanging Problems On Mobile Phones

How To Solve Hanging Problems On Mobile Phones

Does your phone hang or freeze when you are operating on it? This happens to most people. Straight to the point, here are the steps to take to solve this issue. How To Solve Hanging Problems On Mobile Phones.

Note: This article only deals with phones that fully boot up and hang during operation. For phones that hang during booting and never completes booting, see my post on how to flash mobile phone. I this this should be very helpful.

Steps To Solve Hanging Problems

  1. Remove All Background Running Apps: When too many apps are opened in the background of your phone, things could get out of hands for the processor which run the task of keeping up with these running apps. Make sure all background apps are always removed.
  2. Remove High End App: The thing is that the most interesting games are the high end games. You need them, but they are hurting your phone. Uninstall these apps fro your device. If you want to try manage these apps on your phone, then be sure to remove other smaller apps and games from the phone. Before you open any high end game or apps, make sure now app is running in the background.
  3. Restart The Phone: With most recent phones being built with inbuilt batteries, it sometimes take a long time for users to put their phones off. So, restart the phone if the step one and two above fail to solve the problem.
  4. Factory Reset The Phone: Factory resetting mobile phones can solve many problems including hanging problems. This should be done if all steps above fail to solve your problem.
  5. Flash The Phone: This is not common. But when all steps above fail, have a technician flash the phone.


China Mobile Apps Free Download

China Mobile Apps Free Download

Looking for apps for your china phone? I provide a link below for easy access to some pretty good apps. First though, you should understand the kind of file your china mobile accept. You should determine whether your phone is an android phone that runs .apk apps or a JAVA phone that runs on .JAR extension apps. China Mobile Apps Free Download

If your phone is an android phone, check out this link to access some android applications for your phone

One of the most useful apps users like you like downloading is whatsapp. If you want to download this app directly, check out this link.

Applications from this website are clean and virus free. I also take time to update apps frequently. Please let me know if you found any issue downloading, installing or operating these apps.

Whatsapp for Java China Mobile

China Touch Mobile Games Free Download

China Mobile Supported Games Free Download

China Mobile App Store

See More

X-BO V5 Full Specification, Price And Reviews

X-BO V5 Full Specification, Price And Reviews

X-BO V5 Full Specification, Price And Reviews

X-BO V5 Full Specification, Price And Reviews

Another storming low end android mobile phone which belongs to the V family of X-bo. This phone is a bit priced high compared with some other low end mobile phones because of its pocket friendly supper slim design as well as some other cool features like the dual core processor it runs on – X-BO V5 Full Specification, Price And Reviews

The Battery, with a capacity of 2,200mAh is fairly OK and will last for a little time, perhaps 2 days on a moderate use. However, the body of the phone is made of plastic, not every one think this is cool as there are some disadvantages with plastic casing. The full specifications of the X-bo V5 can be found below.

X-BO V5 Details

  • Model : X-BO V5
  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : White + Silver
  • Power Adapter : EU Plug
  • Housing Case Material : Plastic
  • Time of Release : 2014-11

X-BO V5 Network

  • Network Type : 2G , 3G
  • Band Details : 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G WCDMA 850/2100MHz
  • Data Transfer : GPRS , HSPA , EDGE , HSUPA
  • WLAN : Wi-Fi 802.11 b,g,n
  • SIM Slot : Dual SIM
  • SIM Card Type : Standard SIM , Micro SIM
  • Network Standby : Dual Network Standby
  • NFC : No
  • Infrared Port : No
  • Bluetooth Version : Bluetooth V3.0

X-BO V5 System

  • Operating System : Android 4.4.2
  • CPU Processor : 1.0GHz Dual-Core MTK6572
  • GPU : Mali
  • Language : Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Afrikaans, Indonesian, Malay, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Croatian, Zulu, Italian , Swahili, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian bokmal, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Leto Romance languages, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish, tower Gallas, Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Thai, Korean

X-BO V5 Storage

  • RAM : 512MB
  • ROM : 4GB
  • Available Memory : about 2.3GB
  • Memory Card Supports : MicroSD / TF card
  • Max. Expansion Supported : 32GB

X-BO V5 Display

  • Touch Screen Type : Capacitive Screen
  • Screen Resolution : 960*540
  • Multitouch : 2
  • Screen Size ( inches) : 5.0

X-BO V5 Camera

  • Camera Pixel : 5.0MP
  • Video Recording Resolution : 720P
  • Flash : Yes
  • Auto Focus : Yes
  • Touch Focus : Yes

X-BO V5 Power

  • Talk Time : 140 minutes
  • Standby Time : 140~160 hour
  • Battery Capacity : 2200mAh
  • Battery Mode : Replacement

X-BO V5 Other Features

  • features : Wi-Fi , GPS , FM , Bluetooth
  • Sensor : Light Sensor , Proximity , Accelerometer
  • Waterproof Level : IPX0 (Not Protected)
  • Shock-proof : No
  • I/O Interface : TF Slot , Micro USB , 3.5mm , SIM Slot
  • Preinstall Apps : Play Store, maps, e-mail, calculator, file manager, clock, calendar, gallery, todo, video player, music, voice search, radios, tape recorders, browser, and so on.
  • Format Supported : AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, MOV, CAD, WAV, WMA, MP3, MP4, MP5, JPEG, BMP, TGA
  • JAVA : Yes
  • TV Tuner : No
  • Radio Tuner : F
  • Wireless Charging : No

X-BO V5 Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions : 5.87 in x 2.83 in x 0.39 in (14.9 cm x 7.2 cm x 1 cm)
  • Weight : 4.83 oz (137 g)

X-BO V5 Packing List

1 x Cell phone
1 x Battery (2200mAh)
1 x In-ear earphones (3.5mm plug / 90cm)
1 x Data cable (80cm)
1 x EU plug power adapter (100~240V)
1 x English user manual

Sony X-BO V3+ Specification And Price


Download Free Whatsapp For Kimfly Mobile Phones

Download Free Whatsapp For Kimfly Mobile Phones

Need Whatsapp for any model of Whatsapp? You can download it here for free and with ease. But why should you download Whatsapp? Because maybe you cannot for one reason or another access the Google Play Store to download this app Below, you will find a link from which you can download the app directly from our Google drive. How safe is the file you are about to download? Download Free Whatsapp For Kimfly Mobile Phones.

The Whatsapp app in this page is the latest official app which probably has been scanned and found virus free. Before uploading this file to be downloaded by you, we have installed this file on some android devices the found it to be virus free. It is practically safe for you to download, install and chat with the Whatsapp below.

What Model Of Kimfly Will This Whatsapp Work On?

Basically, this Whatsapp should work for every Kimfly android phone irrespective of its model. The Kimfly M family, Kimfly Z family, Kimfly K family, Kimfly Inspired i family and and all of the other Kimfly android family.

Download Whatsapp For Kimfly Here

The Whatsapp file is just 38,740MB in size and the Version is 2.17.329. When there is a version update, we will replace with the new update. So you can always check back for updates.




List of few Kimfly Android Phone Whatsapp Should Normally Work For

Whatsapp free download for Kimfly M1, Kimfly M2, Kimfly M3, Kimfly M4, Kimfly M5, Kimfly M6, Kimfly M7, Kimfly M8, Kimfly M8, Kimfly M9, Kimfly M10, Kimfly M11, Kimfly M12, Kimfly M13.

Whatsapp free download for Kimfly Z1, Kimfly Z2, Kimfly Z3, Kimfly Z4, Kimfly Z5, Kimfly Z6, Kimfly Z7, Kimfly Z8, Kimfly Z9, Kimfly Z10, Kimfly Z50, Kimfly Z51, Kimfly Z53.

Whatsapp free download for Kimfly E1, Kimfly E2, Kimfly E3, Kimfly E6, Kimfly E7, Kimfly E25

Whatsapp free download for Kimfly A20, Kimfly A10, Kimfly A13, Kimfly A2+, Kimfly A5+




Kimfly M7 Specifications, Price And Reviews

Kimfly M7 Specifications, Price And Reviews

In describing this phone, someone said that it is has “supper slim design”. The phone actually is as powerful as people describe it. It slim design makes it pocket friendly and its affordable price makes it people’s choice. The phone supports 3G internet connectivity and that means that you can browse at almost full speed with this device. However, the phone also has some few downsides which will be considered below. So, lets see what the Kimfly M7 Specifications, Price And Reviews really are

One area where this  model could have done better is the ROM of 2GB, it could have been doubled up to 4GB like most other devices. The camera of 5MP (rear camera) and 2MP (front camera) could have been made better. At least 8MP and 3MP for the rear and Front camera would have been perfect.

This phone is perfect to purchase it for friends and loved ones as gift. It can also hold few games and apps, making you enjoy entertainment with the device. The strong battery capacity also allows you to operate for more than few hours.

How much Is Kimfly M7

Kimfly Z8 : $61.2 Or ₦22,000 Or R3,946.33

The price here is not the exact cost of this device, It should be considered as an estimate since the prices of any device is subject to change with time. Therefore the price here should guide you when making decisions or considering buying this phone

Kimfly M7 Features And Details

  • Manufacturers : Kimfly
  • Brand Name : Kimfly M7
  • Model : M7
  • Operating System : Android 4.4 Kitkat
  • Processor : 1.3 ghz lolipop
  • ROM : 2GB
  • Camere : Rear 5MP, Front 2MP
  • 3G : Yes
  • Wifi : Yes